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Educational Recording Studio


Janice Keegan’s new album Firedance is the first recording mixed and mastered in the new studio.  What a beautiful record.  Janice does fabulous vocal work on a mixture of original, contemporary, and real jazz music.

Studio Rates 2018

Recording, Mixing, Editing, Mastering $80/hr
Location recording (plus expenses) $600/day

Give us a call to discuss your needs or get more information.  (231) 499-4570


Live from Traverse City, It’s Bob James


“It was a surprise – almost a shock,” Bob James laughs, recalling how he felt after discovering his May 2014 Traverse City concert had been recorded — without his knowledge.

It was the quick thinking of the Dennos Museum’s Gene Jenneman to save the Grammy Award-winning jazz performer’s concert for posterity, a fact he only admitted to James after the show concluded. The multitrack recording by Milliken Tech Director Jack Conners was such high quality, even James admitted it had to become something more. That “something” is the new album Bob James Live at Milliken Auditorium.

“It was a very celebratory evening,” James says, “and I had secretly been hoping it had been recorded somehow. So when Gene shyly said that they had done just that, I was happy to hear it. It was recorded beautifully, and I was thrilled. 


Thank you Jack for your very professional and encouraging environment. Your new recording studio is very well done and a special place.
Drew Hale, Drew Hale Music
Jack is a quiet, humble giant. I love having him on my team.
Joe Horness, Composer and Worship Leader
The album and your recording work have generated such positive feedback, listener response and pure listening pleasure for so many people … you should feel proud.
Peter Erskine, Drummer and Educator
The recording sounds great . . . . . Jack is our expert Pro Tools editor!
Bob James, Jazz Pianist & Composer
Jack Conners – patience and craftsmanship
Jessica Williams, Jazz Pianist & Composer